How You Can Modify Your Bootcamp Workout


Despite many marketing attempts, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” fitness class.  As appealing as some classes may look, a new participant must understand the possibility of having to modify the class.

 Since every individual is unique in his or her health history and exercise profile, there is certain to be specific movements that may not be suitable for everyone.  That is not to say that participants cannot take the class.  A sound and effective class design should encourage modifications when needed.  

If, for example, a person has arthritic knees and cannot run hills, then walking them is a perfectly reasonable modification.  The available choices of exercise modifications or substitutions are endless.  A person should be able to continue the class from beginning to end with modifications, if needed.

I have taught group exercise classes for almost thirty years.  Not one class has ever been given without modifications.  Sometimes they are given to an individual in private.  Sometimes they are given to the group as a whole.  Modifications can be as subtle as slight range of motion or angle changes.  For some individuals, modifications include totally eliminating some exercises and doing alternative movements.

We are all looking for success in our workout programs.  By keeping modifications on hand, exercise progress may still be continued with each person.

Sample an exercise class before committing to it. Let the instructor know beforehand any health issues you may have that may present an issue. Watch to see if modifications are suggested during the class.  A good instructor may even make modifications on what he or she observes, despite what you may or may not have told her.

If you are in the Las Vegas area, you may want to try Sunday Boot Camp.  This outdoors whole body fitness class offers a uniquely personalized feel to a group exercise class. Modifications are constantly used, as needed.  For class details, contact judy@janddfitness.com.

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