This is the easiest way to get more out of your workouts

      I recently was going through a few pictures of when I used to compete in Bodybuilding. I competed for over 10 years and was lucky enough to win the Jr. Nationals as a light heavyweight in my final year of competition. At that time I was obsessed with bodybuilding. Everything I did in the gym was about building size. And from the outside I appeared very fit.

But my mobility was terrible, and I was always getting injuries. The final straw was when I went to my wife’s family reunion and pulled a hamstring playing in the family softball game. And here was the kicker… they all boasted about “how out of shape” they were. And I was supposed to be the fit one! It was at this time I started re-evaluating the way I trained myself & others. Up to that point I had always trained muscle groups. The bench press was a chest exercise. Squats were a quadricep or frontal thigh exercise. But then I started to read a few books by some well respected physical therapists. They explained that even though the bench press is a chest movement, aren’t your shoulders stabilizers, and don’t you also use your triceps when you lock out your arms? Don’t you have to retract your scapulae when you push, etc, etc. So to put it simply, it’s a pushing movement. The light bulb went off and I started to realize that you don’t train muscle groups, but rather movement patterns.
      One of the biggest problems in the gym is that we over-train certain muscles (chest, shoulders, biceps, frontal thighs), and under-train others (back, glutes, and hamstrings). In essence we've created our own muscle imbalances. We typically like to train the muscles we can see in the mirror. And ignore, or treat the muscles we can’t see as an afterthought. You can ask any physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon and they will tell you that some of the shoulder injuries sustained are due to muscle imbalances created by the way many of us train. So here’s a tip, next time you’re in the gym think of movements- ex. squats, lunges, hip hinges, horizontal/vertical push, horizontal/vertical pull. This alone can be a huge breakthrough for you, and may help you avoid a few visits to the doctor.
      If you’re interested in trying a movement based workout for strength and fat loss, you should try our New Torch workout. We use the TRX suspension system, kettlebells, and weighted sandbags. Each one of these tools provides a unique feel for the user. They are all similar in that they revolve around full body multi-joint movements. The sandbags challenge the user by the shifting of weight and different dimensions of the bag. The TRX forces the user to find and maintain a plank throughout the exercises. And the offset weight of the kettlebell is dynamic for building strength and teaching people how to develop tension under load. We combine these tools and use them in a timed class that elevates heart rate intensity to enhance fat burning and metabolism. The combination is a homerun. But don’t take my word for it, take it for a test drive and try a class. To reserve a spot in a class e-mail me at See you in the studio.

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