I spent $100,000 on this idea and lost it all

      I’d like to wish a Happy Halloween to everyone. I love the fall, and for me Halloween ushers in the holiday season. I don’t want to freak anyone out, but we’re only 56 days away from Christmas. Wow! One of the reasons I enjoy this time of year is because it’s filled with a lot of tradition. I enjoy that piece of candy on Halloween, a piece of pumpkin pie next month, and the turkey dinner on Christmas. I know I just rattled off a lot of food. I can enjoy these things because I’ve been working hard all year. I also don’t back down from my workouts during the holidays, I actually try to step them up. In 2 months my phone will start to ring with people looking to “start the year off right”. My advice to people is to always start now, why wait? Start jogging and lifting now. I believe that life is about balance, and you should be able to enjoy those seasonal treats without guilt. I treat them as rewards for my hard work & discipline throughout the year.
      I also enjoy this time of year because I typically will start to reflect on past goals, dreams, and failures of the past. I’ve learned a lot from failures. One of them was when I started a fitness software company in 2007. Some of you may be familiar with it. The company was called I-Trainer international, and we offered video exercise downloads that you could use on your Ipod, Blackberry, Zune etc. I came up with the idea that more people would exercise if they had the ability to create a personalize exercise program of their own, download it to their mobile device, and then use it when they went to the gym. I marketed this product to gym chains, hotels spas, and wellness companies throughout the US. Similar to “Mr. Happy” from that popular TV show Shark Tank, I believed there was money in licensing. 600 exercises filmed in high definition using every piece of equipment imaginable. I even had the exercises broken down by skill level and body-part. How could I lose? My partner and I invested over $100,000 in 3 years. We bombed. The hard lesson I learned was that we didn’t include an accountability factor. Just go search on YouTube. Look up 1 arm push-ups or pull ups, and I guarantee you will see videos with over 100,000 views. But here’s my question, of those people who have watched, how many have tried to perform a 1 arm push up or pull up?
      In society today we have accepted watching challenging exercises as entertainment. People will watch cool exercises on YouTube, and even click “Like”. But never leave the comfy of their chair. I failed because there wasn’t any accountability on the user’s behalf with I-Trainer. So after meager sales we shut it down after 3 years.
      So let’s fast forward 4 years to the present. We are finishing up our 2 month of the Torch classes. Things are jamming. Classes are filling up, and people are leaving energized and better than when they first walked through our doors. Along with great instruction, results orientated workouts, high energy, we offer accountability. Once you sign up for our classes, we hold your feet to the fire to come in. We reserve your spot in our Torch Classes, so there is someone waiting for you to come in. If you miss a class, you’ll receive a friendly text or phone call. Strength gains and fat loss are closely monitored. Most important, you feel like you’re part of a team. So next time you watch “The best lower body exercise” video on YouTube, remember that you have to try it next time in the gym. See you at the studio.

Are You Treating Your Workouts Like the Buffet at Caesar's Palace?

      I want to take a moment and thank everyone who came out for our Grand Opening party last Friday. We also kicked off our 5-week Back to School Body Fat Challenge. It was a great night filled with friends, food, raffle prizes and laughs. Stay tuned for our announcement of the winner on November 21st. One of the highlights for me was showing guests the workout floor, where we keep the TRXs, where we store our kettlebells, and keep the sandbags. I enjoyed listening to a few members share their workout stories. One of the common themes I heard from members was how we do so much with so little. By little, I mean we use 3 pieces of equipment. Now the weights may vary from workout to workout, depending on what we’re doing, but 3 pieces nonetheless. It's been one of my goals to teach that a workout's effectiveness should be judged by it's results, not by the quantity of equipment
       When I created the Torch workout I wanted to create a workout that would change the focus from being “the latest & greatest exercises” to mastering a series of core moves, no pun intended. From that foundation, we would build everything. In the exercise world we are distracted by what’s the latest thing, instead of focusing on doing a few things really, really well. I frequently tell our members that you should leave every workout feeling that you did better than the last session.
      Being a trainer in Vegas, I’m approached and hired by casino executives frequently. A few years back, I was approached by Caesar’s Palace president, Gary Selesner. Gary is a great client and has evolved into a better friend. This last year Caesar’s re-launched their buffet, The Bacchanal Buffet. I’m not a buffet guy, but this buffet is amazing. It’s been heralded as the best buffet in Las Vegas and that’s saying something. I can remember when Gary invited me to the hotel to check it out. Sushi, King crab legs, prime rib, pasta bar, tacos. Everything you could think of, every style of cuisine is represented. I can remember acting like a kid in a candy store. I want this, and this, and this, until I got to the next station. No, I want that! It's that mindset, in my opinion, that some of you approach your workouts. You start with barbell work for legs and then jump on the cable machine because it’s available. You use low reps for this exercise, followed by high reps for the next. You mix in descending sets with ascending sets. There is no rhyme or reason.
      When you’re creating a workout you have to first establish the goal. Then everything in that workout should tie into that goal. You also have to give yourself enough time on a program. I recommend 6-12 weeks. I’ve observed people trying a new exercise and if they don’t master it day 1, they never do it again. Here’s another popular scenario. They read about the latest celebrity workout, try it once, and then decide it’s no good. My question to those people is this. If you took up golf, would you expect to hit a hole in one on your first day out? What we need to do is re-title our workouts to “practice”. In those words spoken by Allen Iverson, "You’re talking about practice”. My good friend, Brian Nguyen runs a studio in Santa Monica, California called Brik Fitness. He works with many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. He told me that “People would be shocked at how simple our workouts are. We’re very consistent and stick to a program." If you think it doesn’t work, Brian has been Mark Wahlberg’s trainer for years.

                                     Brian and I at a TRX conference this summer

      It’s been proven in research that beginners experience huge strength increases in their first few weeks. This dramatic change is due to the fact that your body is making neurological adaptations. You’re not stronger, your body is just smarter. So next time you’re in the gym don’t be distracted with the new exercise you saw on YouTube, stay focused on your program, and give it some time. See you at the studio!


P.S. If you want to try the Torch Workout and experience the leading fat loss & strengthening workout in Las Vegas just shoot me an e-mail at I took 1 year to research and create this workout so that I could GUARANTEE RESULTS for you. You have nothing to lose other than fat & inches.

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