Take the Shot

      It feels great to be back in the saddle. I’m a pretty organized guy, borderline OCD, but three weeks ago I was notified that I was selected as a finalist in the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition. I had 1 week to organize everything at home, work and prepare to fly to Allentown, Pennsylvania for a week. I would compete against 7 other elite trainers from throughout the US in physical & mental challenges. Here’s the funny part; I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had entered the challenge on a whim. I saw an ad in Men’s Health magazine. I uploaded a headshot, filmed a quick 2 minute video challenge, and posted my entry link on my Facebook page so that people could vote for me. Another funny thing was that the fan voting only accounted for 5% of your score. This pretty much meant they could pick whomever they wanted. I was selected from over 300 trainers. Fast forward three weeks, and I’m back from the challenge. Due to a confidential agreement I had to sign, I can’t reveal how I did. The winner will be announced on their website and in the magazine in August. I can share that it was a life changing experience. The challenge will be aired in an 8-part episode program on Men’s starting in June. I promise to share the episodes on my Facebook page once they start to air (“Like” J and D Fitness for updates). The challenges were pretty unique. Without giving away too much, in one challenge we had to oversee a photo shoot for the magazine. We were given a list of exercises and had 5 minutes to complete as many quality photos for the magazine. We were given a professional photo shoot set, female model, and 1 cameraman. The challenge is that photographers don’t know good form in an exercise. As the trainer you had to direct the model to get in the best position that visually depicts the exercise, make it look attractive, and be efficient at it. In this challenge I started out slow, but quickly got into a rhythm. Racing the clock, I literally jumped out of camera view yelling to the cameraman to “Take the shot” as time ticked down… 3, 2, and 1. After all, it was a competition. My camera antics quickly became one of the big laughs of the week. One of the judges, fitness celebrity and Reebok trainer, David Jack, teased me the remainder of the week. Below is a picture we took to remember the moment.

     My reason for telling this drawn out story is that sometimes we think we know what it takes to perform a task. For many of you, it’s dropping 20 pounds. You feel that you’re pretty intelligent. You read all the fitness magazines, like Shape & Men’s Health (selfless plug). Dropping a dress size shouldn’t be a problem, until you try. How many days a week should I lift weights? How long? Should I do free weights or bodyweight exercises? 10 or 15 reps per exercise? Will getting stronger make me bulk up? I haven’t even mentioned eating yet. That’s why I believe you should hire a professional. When my son started tennis I didn’t try to teach him. My wife & I found a clinic specific for young kids just starting out. Why would I want to possibly ruin his experience in learning a great sport, along with hinder his learning?So next time you're venturing into something you may not be too familiar with, remember this picture above and hire a professional. 

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