What I've learned in my first 2 weeks at the studio

     It’s been a while since I blogged. We just finished our 2nd week of being open at our new training studio. The dust hasn’t settled, but I’m slowly trying to get back into my normal routine. I typically like to write about observations that I experience in my training practice. As we get new members in the studio I explain that we’re a semi-private training facility. We specialize in having small groups of 3-6 people work out together. They may have a similar program focusing on mobility, strength and fat loss, but we preach that every routine/ exercise can either be regressed or progressed to fit that person’s skill level. I will admit that 80% of the time everyone is doing similar type movements. I did start to think am I a hypocrite? I’ll explain.
      The more people I work with, the more I realize that a lot of my clientele float somewhere around the middle of the fitness pendulum. Because of that, most of them tend to do similar exercises in their workouts. Many of them have workout inconsistently. They want to lose 15-25 pounds, and desperately would like to have the casual observer come up to them and ask “where do you work-out?” Many of them have tight hips, shoulders & ankles. Most of them need better core strength. And across the board they all enjoy working out with someone, even if it’s someone they only see at the gym. I’ve had someone tell me “Doug I love you know what you’re talking about, but it’s the comraderie that keeps me coming back”. That last point is one of the biggest services I think we bring to the Las Vegas valley. If you’re smiling and having fun I believe that you’ll continue to work out.
      A couple observations that I’ve made at the new place is how powerful it is for a gal to feel herself get stronger as she presses a 10kg kettlebell, or any weight, overhead. I didn’t realize how important it is for a guy who lives in constant pain to work-out and feel muscle burn & fatigue, not joint pain. Sometimes as a fitness professional I think I get a little disconnected from the general population. I’ve worked out my entire life. If I’ve ever had pain, I’ve sought out professional to address it. Sometimes I forget that this behavior isn’t the norm. Bottom line, it’s cool to change lives and be the solution for people. That has been very rewarding. Hopefully I’ll see at the studio.

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