Tis the season to be jolly

      One and a half weeks before Christmas and the studio has never been busier. I’m not reporting this expecting a pat on the back, it’s more of an observation. I was trying to determine if it’s busier because I’m making a concentrated effort to reach people, is it due to the past promotions we’ve run (21 days unlimited training, Black Friday Special) or because we now have a physical location? I’ve always made an effort to create successful training programs. I’ve always put the goals and desires of my clients first. My motivation to train people has always been to help them. I’ve spent my life (literally since I’ve been 15 years old) reading and educating myself about exercise & fitness. If I feel I have a few proven methods, it only makes sense that I would want to share these with people desperately seeking them. Maybe it’s the 25 year culmination of everything that’s providing us with momentum.
      Times have changed. I can remember offering to train people for free if they would give me an opportunity. Fast forward to now and after training hundreds of people over 24 years and receiving multiple accolades I don’t have to validate my credibility to that extent anymore. Don’t get me wrong, my team and I have a responsibility to our members to prove ourselves every day in what we do, we just don’t have to give it away for free.
      I’ve also come to two realizations. First, people can’t hire you if they can’t find you. By having a studio, people can contact me pretty easily now. Accessibility is very important. Simply Google Personal Trainer in Las Vegas and you’ll find us. Twelve years ago, after my wife and I moved from NY to Vegas, my reach was whomever I spoke to that day. Maybe 2-5 people on a good day. Not very impressive numbers by any account. I didn’t realize how valuable having a location could be. Our studio is currently 1/10 of a mile from one of the busiest corners in Las Vegas.
      Second, people are desperately looking for professional, knowledgeable trainers who will listen to their needs. How do I know this? I ask them. There is so much confusion and people don’t know who to trust, where to go, and who will care about them. Mix in the clean slate mentality that starts to build within people’s mind around the holidays, and you can start to see why we’re getting pretty busy.
      Running the studio has forced me to be forward thinking. I have to schedule time away from writing routines, reading training articles, mentoring my team and think about how we can stay in a state of constant growth. It was in one of these think tank moments that I determined if I want to be the #1 resource of burning & dropping bodyfat that I needed a formal education in nutrition (Precision Nutrition Certification). That’s when watching someone else helped me make a decision. I found out that internationally recognized trainer and gym owner Alwynn Cosgrove, of Result’s Fitness in California, had gone the route of earning that certification to enhance his training studio. Result’s Fitness has earned the acclaim of being one of best training studios in the US multiple times. Another one of my big “aha” moments came when I decided that every Friday will be staff development day. Every week I select one of my instructors and we spend 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours working on exercise instruction, coaching, and cueing. I have observed too many health clubs that hire trainers and don’t provide adequate resources and education that will allow the trainers to continually grow. I enjoy the open discussions with my staff on program design and exercise selection. Watching and helping them to grow has helped me to grow as a leader. I remember hearing years ago that to truly understand something you need to teach it. I agree 100%. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had to dig out an old text book or look up an article online to refresh my memory prior to meeting with one of my team members.
      Finally, I just determined that I’ll spend some time in the upcoming year visiting other studios. Some of the best learning can be achieved by observing others. If we get 1% better every week, that’s 50% growth in a year. Can we do it? I don’t know, but we’re going to give it a try. That will be the J & D Fitness Personal Training Studio’s goal for 2016.

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