My first yoga workout

      I recently completed my first formal yoga workout at the studio. It was an amazing experience. I’m a little quirky with my workouts. When I experiment with a new type of workout and it really challenges me… I love it. I’ve made a concentrated effort to work on my mobility the last three years, I’ve shown big improvements, but yoga was like putting kerosene on a fire for me.
      When I was mapping out my business plan for the semi-private program at the studio 6 months ago, I knew I wanted to add other services such as yoga & nutrition (to add more value to our personal training services). I understand yoga but knew I wasn’t qualified to teach it, so I recruited my good friend Karen Lane who has over 20 years of teaching in the valley and is a very good instructor. I know I had to get someone that really wanted to see people get better, not just randomly show up for workouts, and Karen does that. One of her beefs with teaching Yoga throughout the valley was that you never know who was showing up, and it was hard to work on progressions because the people who took instruction from her would vary so much. Forget trying to tie together 3 months of workouts, how about 3 weeks! So when I approached her and told her that our studio was a membership based studio, and that the briefest membership was 3 months, she agreed to come on board.
      I’ve known Karen for over 10 years, and have trained many people that have taken instruction from her. On several occasions we’ve had deep discussions on movement. Her thoughts on movement were in alignment, no pun intended, with those of the studio, so having her on my team has been a big plus. One of the things I do periodically with all of my instructors & coaches after they come on board is to sit in on a workout. On a personal level I’ve wanted to start yoga, so this was a perfect reason to jump in. I’ve written about it in my book the Torch Workout (if you haven’t read it, download it for free from the link below).

In it I discuss my bodybuilding career when I was 198lbs with less than 5% body-fat, had just won the NPC Jr. National Championships as a light-heavy weight and could barely move. As a bodybuilder, I had built a nice foundation of strength (routinely performed rear squats with over 500lbs and could deadlift over 500lbs), but sacrificed mobility. That changed after I stopped competing and began working on functional strength. I truly didn’t realize how poorly I moved until I started using kettlebells in 2011. Soon after getting my Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) in 2012, I started down the path of improving my mobility along with that of my clients. I’m happy that it has happened this way because it’s allowed me understand how people feel when I assess them at our studio, I understand them not having the ability to move well. One of my issues with the personal training industry is that many trainers truly lack compassion. Having to deal with my own mobility struggles has allowed me to be a better coach.
      Let’s fast forward to my 1st yoga session. Having muscular and well developed quads has affected my knee flexion and I also have experienced a past hamstring strain resulting in some scar tissue. Sitting on your heels with flexed knees is a big challenge for me. Karen was quick to show me a regression using the blocks. As we progressed through many of the postures, I felt some instant improvement in my knee mobility. Like many new workouts, I had a few strengths that were always followed by something I strongly needed to work on. The bottom line is it was great to experience yoga in a semi-private format that allowed me to make improvements in my 1st workout. I don’t see being a Yogi in my horizon, but I look forward to the benefits of improved mobility in the near future.

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