Never a Quite Time

     This week I get to visit New Orleans for the National Strength & Conditioning Association National (NSCA) conference. I attend this event every year. It’s an opportunity for me to sit in on a few lectures. Even after 25 years in the fitness industry, there’s always something to learn. I get to catch up with a few fellow trainers to talk a little shop. I have walked away from conversations outside the lecture halls with some of my best lessons & info. Finally, I’m the state director for Nevada, so I’ll also attend the National director’s annual meeting. This year, for the first time, I will have the opportunity to attend the conference as a studio and gym owner. This has had an impact on how I approach events like this. This conference hosts an exhibit show with many of the top vendors in the fitness industry. It’s always worth my time to see if there are any new and innovative widgets I can bring back to the shop. Somewhere in there I’ll get a chance to experience some of the fine cuisine for which N’Orleans is known. These trips are all work, pretty jammed filled with events, and I typically come back exhausted. Last night I had a friend who is already there tag me on a Facebook post featuring one of my quotes being used on an event graphic in the registration area. Pretty cool.

nsca image

  We closed out June last week, which usually leads to the slow season in the gym business. If our next month is anything like our last, I don’t see a break coming for us. We just had our busiest week since we’ve been open. We’ve had someone in everyday to join, try a workout, or inquire about our place. That may not seem busy to you, but for a 2,400 sq/ ft. place that doesn’t advertise at all, that’s busy. The word of mouth has started to spread and our location is also a big plus. Gyms such as mine are a destination place, but people do need to know you’re there. We hope that when that moment of motivation hits them, we’re the place they want to come.

     The mistake that many studio owners make is since July typically is the slow period, so many sit back and coast. That is not my approach. I’ll be learning at lectures, searching the trade show floor for new tools, and talking to other studio owners about successful practices I can adopt back at the shop. Some will take the opportunity to sneak out or go home early. I’ll be on a red-eye flight Wednesday to New Orleans. That’s what you do when you’ve made it your objective to be the best. In the month of July, getting better means meeting with my team and taking the time to re-assess things that we can do better. Being busy doesn’t always mean having a studio packed with people. Sheer volume of workouts has never been my measurement of success. Quality of workouts and member results are and will remain to be. I believe what makes a gym special is the time outside of the actual workout. The preparation time spent on the workout design. When you guys show up, we’ve already done the leg work figuratively, and then it’s time to execute it.

    I hope you had a great 4th. If you stop by Thursday or Friday my team will take great care of you, and I’ll see you next week after I return.

-See you at the studio


P.S. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement for our Semi-annual Back to School Bodyfat challenge. 1st prize will be $500 cash plus 5 private training sessions with me!

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