US Gymnastics wins the Gold

     It’s the beginning of August, over 100 degrees in Las Vegas, and we’re in the full swing of Back to School month. Parents are in the midst of shopping for school supplies, purchasing new clothes for the kids and everything else that goes along with preparing for the upcoming school year. This is also the time of year when anxiety is heightened for a lot of people. The unknown can be scary. Many of us can remember that first day of high school sitting at an open table in the cafeteria hoping for someone to sit down next to us. I can remember walking in the hallways, trying my best to look confident, as I searched for my locker. Another example will be this year’s freshman college kids who will quickly realize that college is a lot harder than high school. They have more responsibility placed upon them. Teachers will not harp on them to hand in work on time. The deadlines arrive quick and workloads are increased. The first semester for many can set the tone for their entire college experience. I think two of the biggest questions people will wrestle with are, “Will I fit in?” and “Can I do this?”

     We are all wired to want to fit in. It’s been well documented and validated with research how kids gravitate towards gangs for that reason. People will sometimes draw towards negative situations just to fit in. I think every parent has had that discussion with their kids about making the right decisions and not to just follow the crowd. I have been heard saying to my son, “I don’t care what Michael did, if he jumped off a bridge would you?” Funny, how we become our parents. Having these experiences allows me to have compassion and empathy for others when they venture into our training studio. Let me set the stage. They see on our storefront, J & D Fitness Personal Training- Lose inches & Get Stronger. This sounds good to them. They have wanted to get in shape for years. They turn on the TV and watch the commercials for the Olympics depicting celebrity athletes such as Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas train with ferocious intensity as they prepare their bodies for the ultimate competition. Watching the medal ceremonies is very inspirational. We all cheer for the winners because we know it requires extreme dedication and discipline to get to that podium. Many people feel that this is now their time, so they venture into our gym. “I’m going to start today”, they declare. They walk through our front door and see straps hanging from overhead beams, sandbags stacked in the corner, and these cannonballs with handles lined up on these racks. What is this place?

     This is when we start the conversation with “what are you looking to do?” We explain that we meet them at their level. These unconventional tools, as funny as they appear, will allow them the most diversity in their workouts and will generate the best results.  We then take them through a quick assessment, share a few laughs, and promise them that our success depends on their success. We answer any questions they may have. No question is a dumb question. Our goal is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Many people procrastinate starting an exercise program, not because of the outcome, but because the process scares them to death. The job of any trainer should be to first calm and address those fears.

     The next big thing happens during their first workout. The goal is to set them up for a journey of success. Football season starts soon, and one of the cliché sound-bites you’ll hear all season is how it’s important for any quarterback to start the game with a few easy passes. This is to build their confidence. The same holds true for working out. It’s so important for beginners to start out easy, to build their confidence. This may come off odd, but I like it when I hear members state- “That wasn’t too bad”. I count that as a job well done. Society has us so hard wired that exercise has to be a struggle. Just this morning I had a gal state- “I must be doing this wrong, it’s not hurting”. You should sweat a little. It should be a challenge. You should feel a little uncomfortable. But agonizing pain and exercises shouldn’t be considered comparable. Once we get people past that mindset, it becomes predictable from that point on as we watch strength levels improve and body-fats drop. The common statement is that, I never thought I could push myself this way. The intensity doesn’t start day one, but setting the stage for their success does. Their abilities improve weekly, and we guide them to enjoy the process.

     Enjoy the Olympics, and keep an eye out for our back to School Body-fat Challenge that will kick off in a few weeks on August 27th. This year’s winner can earn $500 cash! If you want more information please email me at or call the studio at (702) 892-0400.

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