It's All About the Motivation

     I’m currently running a challenge at my studio. It’s the 5 week Back to School Body-fat Challenge. We’re in week 3. 1st place winner gets $500 cash plus a few private training sessions with me. We have approximately 75 members at our place (combining people who train privately & our semi-private training program). We had 26 people enter contest. It was our biggest turn out yet. My reason for running events like this is to create urgency. People hire personal trainers for multiple reasons. Education- they don’t know what to do, or don’t want to get hurt. Motivation- they need someone to push them beyond what they can do on their own. Accountability- they need someone to make sure they show up. You may fall into one of these buckets, or may have a finger in each. As someone’s trainer I find that it’s part of my job to help stir up your motivation and to inspire you to maximize your fitness potential.

     This is the 4th time I’ve hosted this contest. Each year I’m getting better at promoting the challenge. This year I gave all members fitness journals prior to the kick-off to track all of their workouts & eating habits. This extra bit of accountability has gone over very well. Making poor meal choices is one thing, writing it down takes it to a different level. I also created a separate Facebook group only for those in the challenge. I wanted this to be a place where people can share tips, workout updates, motivation, daily struggles and everything else that comes along when you enter a challenge.  Social media is a great tool for accountability. I’m surprised with how much engagement has been on the page. Everyone doesn’t post comments, but I have had a few members tell me that they go on daily to see if anyone has posted something new.

     Because we are in midst of the challenge and I want to push everyone to see a change in their body, workout intensity has been at a high. One of my mantra’s with exercise is that you need a goal. You wouldn’t get into your car & just drive, you usually have a destination. I’ve noticed that people are able to push themselves more when there is a tangible goal. As a whole, it’s been great. I like that people view the workouts and eating as the competition, not each other. This is where I sound corny, but I wish they all could win. And NO, I’m not giving everyone a trophy. In 17 days, I will be handing 1 happy person $500 cash & 3 training sessions for a job well done. I’ll keep you posted.

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