A Bit of Advice from 1 of the Best

     I have recently become a big fan of motivational speaker Jim Rohn. Mr. Rohn passed away a few years ago and some of his early lectures and workshops are experiencing a bit of resurgence. Jim was one of the early pioneers of motivational speaking. Tony Robbins speaks about when he was 19 years old and went to see Jim speak for the first time. He talks about how he left and immediately began to incorporate many of the simple lessons he learned that day to build his tremendously successful empire. Jim’s philosophy is timeless and I have experienced some minor success using it. It resonates so much with me because it’s about doing the little things everyday to be great.

     How many times have you read a book looking for 1 life changing thing, or listened to someone speak hoping to get 1 golden nugget? If you research some of our great leaders, you hear this same similar and consistent theme.

John Wooden- Coaching


Warren Buffet- Investments


Jim Rohn- Motivation                                          Colin Powell- Leadership

Jim-Rohn   Powell-Colin 

     Be disciplined and consistent in doing the (right) little things every day. The metaphors are endless- “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” We all know the story about the race between the tortoise & the hare. Why are we drawn to the quick fixes? Losing weight FAST remains one of the top things which marketers pitch. Enter weight loss into Google and see how many searches you come up with. It’s endless. Here are my suggestions. Eat more vegetables, exercise 4-5 days a week, drink plenty of water (3 liters daily), and practice stress coping mechanisms, like daily meditation. I guarantee you’ll be substantially better in 90 days. The selection of produce in grocery stores has never been better. Fruits and vegetable are no longer seasonal. You can get things all year round. The last time I checked there were over 20 different brands of water in my local store. Since I opened my studio 14 months ago, 4 other gyms have popped up within a 3 mile radius of my place. Believe me, there aren’t a shortage of gyms or places to exercise. Why are we still suffering from lack of exercise, veggies, and water? Not sexy enough?

     I think I have the answer. As easy as it is to do the small things to be better daily, it’s also easy NOT to do the small things daily. Mr. Rohn defined a failure as “a few errors in judgment repeated every day”. And to really give you something to chew on, some of us spend a large portion of our time and energy on doing the little things that make us worse. To date I have never seen a person eat 1 bad meal and gain 20lbs. Unfortunately that bad meal on Saturday night, sometimes leads to poor choices at lunch on Sunday, which leads to another bad choice on Tuesday at breakfast. 3 Months goes by and you’ve made 35 bad choices and have the 10 extra pounds to show for it. It wasn’t that single dinner. I’ve always been a fan of moderation. I believe you can be 85% good and 15% not-so-good and make big improvements. That may sound like I’m contradicting myself, but this is a plan for maintenance. If I wanted to drop body-fat I would approach it at 90% good & 10% bad. I use this approach with my exercise also. You won’t regress missing a workout once a month, missing 1 workout every week will hamper your progress. I bring up this topic because during the next 45 days you will have plenty of opportunities to blow your diet or miss a workout. Look at your schedule ahead of time and make a game plan. I actually added an extra workout to our gym schedule this week to help people out. Schedules are off. Family is in town. I know it’s hard. Missing that workout or by making the Thanksgiving holiday an excuse for a bad eating week, as opposed to a single evening, is setting you up for failure. Eat before you go to your company Christmas party. Make a plan and stick to it.

     I’ve contemplated documenting my personal exercise & eating regime in the New Year on my blog. I personally think people will be bored and tune out after a few weeks. There are no secrets. No special ratios. It has lots of veggies, lean proteins, and sweet potatoes. My workouts are pretty much what I do with clients and members of my studio. I do need to improve with my water intake, and my son & I love having a cupcake for dessert on Sunday nights. The point is, like Mr. Rohn’s advice and the advice of many great leaders, obsess on practicing discipline daily for long term success. Over time, your willpower will improve, and your results will grow exponentially.

     So as we all start to think about tomorrow’s big meal, don't eat it and feel guilty. Enjoy your holiday and get back on track Friday. Finally, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

See you at the studio.


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