You Asked Me for the Time, Not How to Build a Watch

   I’m preparing to soon leave for my annual vacation with my son & wife. This time always brings mixed feelings. I just got over the feeling that it’s OK for me to take some time off and that I’ll be a better trainer and studio owner after I return refreshed from my trip. As a business owner, I battle with the emotions that if I’m ever not working, I’m slacking off. I know this is typical behavior of a work-a-holic, which I admit to lean towards, at times. It’s also typical behavior for entrepreneurs. I’m both, so I guess I’m doomed. A few years ago, I realized I struggle with taking time off. I decided to always book my vacations 1 year out and paying for them in full 2 months before the trip. This approach has forced me to take the time off. If I waited 3-4 months out to book the trip like many people, I would never take them. This is like suggesting to one of my studio members, who wants to lose weight, to eat a healthy meal before they go to the 4th of July barbeque. It’s all about creating a strategy for success. 

     My vacation will include lots of beach time with my family, reading, and reflection time. When you’re out of the day to day struggles of business, you can take a step back. This allows you to think clearer. I look forward to these times. It was last year that I came to understand one of the things that I do pretty well,  which is taking complicated fitness ideas and training principals and delivering them to the general public. The names “Pavel Tsatsouline”, “Juan Carlos Santana”, and “Dan John” may not mean anything to you, but in the world of strength and conditioning these men are living legends. In 2001, Rolling Stone Magazine named Pavel our country’s “Hot trainer” and pictured him with a kettlebell in his hand. He has been credited for popularizing the kettlebell in the US. Juan Carlos, or “JC” as he’s known in fitness circles, is considered the father of functional training. He has been a huge influence in how I train people and I have adopted many of his training strategies. Dan John is a top writer on strength and conditioning. His blog is legendary for its impact on the fitness world, but he’s probably most famous for creating the Gobblet squat and popularizing the benefits of loaded carries in exercises programs. These are 3 men I follow, that many of you have never heard of before, and unless you are pursuing a career in fitness or strength and conditioning you shouldn’t have to. 

     I feel that it’s my job to read and decipher the information and then present what may be relevant or beneficial for my members. Each one of these gentlemen do a great job of presenting information, but it’s more for the seasoned veteran. Not one of these guys is famous for their compassion for people looking to lose weight or handling the rookie in the gym. It’s similar to Ted Williams, the famous baseball player of the Red Sox, when he became a manager. Many considered his stint as a manager a failure. Known as “the greatest hitter that ever lived”, he would tell his players to just go and hit the ball! Not a lot of compassion and listening to his players. His approach to coaching players was the opposite of Hall of Fame Yankee’s manager, Joe Torre, who was recognized for handling the many personalities in his locker room. Joe was known for getting the most out of each player. He would quickly identify how to deal with each player and give them what they needed. I feel that I do that with each of my members. Most of my members could care less how to hang clean a sandbag or use the TRX suspension system. After I explain how these tools utilize many of the larger muscles of the body, are easy to learn, and will play a role in burning body-fat, they are all in. I have yet to have a person that comes in ask me, do you have sleds I can push? They don’t want to know how to build the watch, they just want to know the time. Dropping body fat and looking leaner is what they want. Next week, I’ll read more about how the body works and peruse new and innovative exercise programs, so I can continue to give my people the correct time at the studio. 

See you at the studio.

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