Enough with the Hype Already

     “I had a plan, before I got punched in the face.” That’s a famous quote from Mike Tyson after he was knocked out for the 1st time. Funny, but it brings up a valid point. How many times have you had the perfect plan, to find out later that it had a few flaws? Making mistakes is part of the building process. Three years ago, I started training people in small groups featuring a specific workout. I named it the Torch Workout. It’s a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout using exercises that improve mobility, strength and power. I used the research from Dr. Tabata & Dr. Martin Gibala. We still successfully feature this workout today at the studio. 

     When I opened the studio 2 years ago, I knew I would need an additional workout to compliment Torch that would have slightly different goals. Hence, TRX Flow was created. This is an interval workout, with an emphasis on mobility and specifically, core strength. After making a few tweaks, this workout has grown in popularity. 

     Everything hasn’t gone perfect along the way. We tried offering Yoga & TRX Yoga. Neither were a big hit with the members. Not using the poor response from those workouts as a setback, but more as feedback from what people wanted, we came out with Dynamic Variable Resistance Training or DVRT. This has been a big hit. I started to see that, like a restaurant, you can’t offer only one dish, you have to have a few options. I’m going to stay true to our core value of expert coaching offered in a small group or private setting catered to the needs of each individual. You wouldn’t find Chow Mein in an Italian restaurant. I did experience that my members enjoyed some variety. It was listening to my members, or scratching their itch, that Metabolic Disruption has been created. 

     I’ve been writing and talking about this workout for months now. It’s taken me a lot of planning. I had questions to answer on layout, format and efficiency. I also wanted to stay true to my core values. So what is Metabolic Disruption?

     It’s a 40 minute heart pounding fat-burning workout. Similar to our other workouts, the warm-up will be included in that time frame. Once properly warmed-up the workout will begin. The clock timer will be set to 12 ½ minutes. Participants will be spread out between 5-6 exercises. The clock will start and not stop until it reaches 0. The goal is to work as hard as possible at the exercise until  a heart-rate of either 85% (Orange) or 95% (Red) of your maximum heart rate. The coach will determine the appropriate level for each member, based on their current fitness level. Once this level is reached, it must be  maintained for 10 seconds. Then recovery times begin. Rest until the required heart rate is reached, lower by 20%. Someone working at 85% max heart rate will rest until they drop to 65% (Blue) and 75% (Green) for someone working at the higher 95% level. Then proceed to the next movement and repeat the process. There will be minimum rest time during the 12 ½ minutes. The goal is not to pace, but to go to the maximum level. Think sprint, not jog. Once the clock hits 0, members will have 2 ½ minutes to get water & rest before the cycle repeats again. Yes, another 12 ½ minutes. Intense!

     The beauty of this workout is that each person’s heart rate determines their intensity level & recovery period. Some people will get through the circuit 4 times, while some may complete 2 times. Also, the type of exercise will be low skill level. This is to promote an all out effort. Metabolic Disruption will feature exercises such as the ropes, sleds and our new Ski Ergs.


    Many of the members are happy with their improvements in mobility & strength. Many have gotten leaner. What I did hear is the need for something to compliment our other workouts with a pure cardiovascular drive. Here you go, folks. The new schedule will be available soon & will be effective the week of October 16th. We will have this workout on the schedule in 5 slots in the early morning, a new afternoon time, and evening times, as well.

 So stay tuned and I’ll see you at the studio. 



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