Have You Ever Used the Idiot Box?


    I’m fresh from hosting the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Nevada state clinic this past weekend. I was truly lucky to have the UFC Performance Training Institute as my host venue. The UFC opened their Performance Training Institute last year in Las Vegas and their vice-president, Duncan French, has been very candid in that he wanted the center to be involved in all things training in Las Vegas. Sometimes in life, you do get lucky.


Coach Jordan Troester of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and I


Along with organizing events like this past weekend, I also started speaking nationally last year as I am very involved in education. One of the core values of my training studio is to get 1% better every day. Having one foot in the education pool I’m able to keep abreast of all new training trends and modalities and then bring them back to my team. My other foot is in building my training studio as one of the elite studios in the country, which has me involved in social media. You can follow me at JandDFitness on Instagram.

     The interesting thing I find is that the more educated, research based, and result orientated people in my industry are not always the most popular. It makes me think of that Albert Einstein quote:


“What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.”



Some of the biggest Follows on Instagram, or influencers as they are referred to, have very little knowledge of what works. I don’t say this because I have less than 1,000 followers. Good looks, humor, sex and constant posting has been proven to make pictures or video go viral. Just ask Kim Kardasian how she’s doing. Now before I sound like Clint Eastwood and curse every millennial and yell at you to get off my lawn, I do feel there is a place for social media. Once you know “Who” to follow, it makes a difference. I’ve read books or listened to people speak at conferences and have decided to follow them. A picture of them at an airport gate or out having dinner with friends is not the same as listening to them lecture for an hour on the thoracolumbar fascia with a power-point. Although it will notify me if they announce a speaking date, new blog post, or have a book coming out.

     My studio has been outfitted by a few equipment distributors. I purchased our Ultimate sandbags from the team at DVRT, my suspension straps from TRX, and everything else from Perform Better. Each of these organizations offer education in the form of summits, conferences, and workshops. Each have reported a substantial drop in attendance due to young coaches following people via social media and opting out of attending live events. That’s where we run into problems. You have some of the best minds in strength and conditioning who don’t participate in social media. I’m on a national committee that reviews the applicants for national conferences and we had to turn down a well-recognized presenter (earned his Phd., has authored books, and published several hundred research articles) because he had a poor social media profile.

     One of the things I try my best is to take complicated topics and coach them to the people who train at my studio. I’ve had people contact me outside of Las Vegas, who have requested to work with me because of this strategy. This approach has served me well. I think one of my biggest strengths is evaluating if a certain method is the best fit for the outcome I want. Fit can mean safety. I recently had a gal who trains at my place try box jumps at another gym, miss the box, and lacerate her shin badly. I felt so bad for her. It motivated me to share a quote online of a famous coach who stated unless you’re working with world class athletes you should get the boxes out of your gym. That may make some penetration into the main stream, because he has big following online. He referred to the box as an “idiot box”, that being the coach who recommend this for the average person looking to get into shape.






      The best advice I can offer people is to not make someone’s social media presence dictate if the person is credible or not. I’ll leave you with this closing thought. All of the coaches that work for me and come to me for education have social media followings that are double and triple of mine. I guess I have to step up my meme game.


See you at the studio.



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