Types of training available



Private Training

Once you contact us you are scheduled for an initial consultation where we discuss short & long term goals, any past injuries or limitations along with past exercise activities. We explain what you should expect from your training with J & D Fitness and more importantly what hurdles you’ve encountered that have hindered you from reaching your goals in the past. We then put you through the 7-point Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This screen quickly pinpoints the quality of your movement. This eliminates guess work. We believe in being precise in your exercise programming. Based on your goals and what you want we will create and explain to you the program that we feel will be best in helping you to reach your goals in a timely manner. We implement various fitness tools (kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, dumbbells, bodyweight, etc) within our programming. Call to schedule your consultation today.


Semi-Private Workout

Semi-private Personal Training: Semi-private training allows people to enjoy the camaraderie of others while still receiving personalized coaching. You have the opportunity for personal training while sharing the cost of the trainer with others. Groups are limited to 6 people maximum. Our semi-private training is broken up between 4 different training modalities (see workout descriptions below). Please check the schedule for days, times and availability. 

The Torch Workout: Created by certified personal trainer and nationally recognized strength coach (2015 Men’s Health Next Top Trainer finalist), Doug Sheppard, the Torch Workout is a 50 minute workout that will improve strength and burn body-fat using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) protocols. In a small group setting (6 people maximum per class), each participant is taken through a fun, fat-burning session using kettlebells, TRX suspension trainer, and the Ultimate sandbags. All workouts are monitored with Polar heart monitors to guarantee a safe & effective workout. 

DVRT: Dynamic Variable Resistance Training or DVRT is a 50-minute full-body workout system that utilizes sandbags exclusively. The workout enhances mobility, wakes up in-active muscles, improves overall strength and speeds your metabolism up. Similar to the Torch workout, participants are required to wear studio issued heart monitors so the coaches can supervise exercise intensity. This is a great workout for fat-lose and mobility.

TRX flow: This session is a full body movement based workout using the TRX suspension trainer exclusively. This mobility and core focused workout combines yoga inspired movements with more traditional strength, stability and mobility exercises on the TRX suspension trainer. The Suspension Trainer provides added leverage for more advanced participants to push deeper while also providing greater stability for less mobile or strong participants. A joint-by-joint approach seamlessly blends these approaches into flowing postures designed to increase mobility, improve performance and accelerate recovery. A great compliment to the Torch workout.

Mobility Worx: This session takes a unique approach by combining breathing drills, foam rolling, dynamic mobility and muscle activation exercises into one workout. The goals of this workout are to expand your current range of motion, improve alignment and to help you reach a new level of flexibility. If you are challenged getting into position for some of the more common exercises, then this workout is for you. This session is a great compliment to the other available workouts at the studio.

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