Jason Williamson from J & D FITNESS



I joined the studio to lose weight and tone up my body. I instantly fell in love with the studio, Doug and his team of coaches. Doug has created a skilled team of coaches that know how to tailor workouts to your needs. I enjoy all of my workouts. I love the environment that they have created. I have lost over 10% body-fat, gotten a lot stronger and feel a difference in the way I move. I strongly recommend the studio to anyone looking for expert coaching in a great environment.

- Jason Williamson, 33yrs old



Mitzi Coffey from J & D FITNESS



In 2012, I realized age was catching up and I needed to get into shape. I also wanted to tone up.


What I enjoy about training at the studio are the varied exercises, but if I had to narrow it down to my favorite thing, it’s how the coaches tailor to everyone’s needs. It’s truly personalized training.


I had a bout of cancer in 2016 and had a few operations that put me out of the gym for 1 ½ yrs. During that time, Doug stayed in contact with me. Once I was cleared to exercise, I was back at the studio and we have worked hard to get rid of the 15 pounds I gained during that period.


Doug & his team care so much and get to know you and it’s a beautiful friendship. They will push you, but won’t hurt you. I love this place so much.

-Mitzi Coffey, 52yrs old



Denise Johnson from J & D FITNESS



I have been a member of J & D Fitness since October 2015. When I began my fitness journey, I was measured at about 40% body fat. I had a difficult time doing lunges and squats, and my upper body had very little strength. I am so thankful for the support of all of the trainers at J & D. With their guidance, I have immensely increased my strength, and lost 35 pounds and 10% body fat! I really love the many friendships that I have developed over the past year and a half and that we all hold one another accountable to show up for class and do our best!

- Denise Johnson, Age - 55



Tracy Gallegos from J & D FITNESS



I’ve always been pretty fit and have been working out fairly consistently since I was 22 years old. After graduating from law school at 26 years old, I slowly started to gain weight but was about to maintain a healthy weight by doing cardio on an elliptical or tread climber, or by doing P90X or T25 workouts. By 2013, I felt like I was in pretty good shape at 118 pounds and thought that I had reached my “ peak “ of weight gain. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In April 2013, I landed my dream job but I had a difficult transition from my prior job. The stress of the transition and the inability to find a routine caused me to fall off of my workout regimen. I also got involved in a very unhealthy relationship that ended both abruptly and dramatically in 2015. By the time of the break-up, I was at my heaviest weight and felt horrible abut myself. I started working out again after the break-up, but none of the workouts I’d utilized in the past seemed to be helping. My good friend and boss, who also happens to be a workout fanatic, told me about her trainer, Doug, whom she’d been training with for years and who just opened up a fitness studio. She convinced several other female friends/co-workers to sign up for the unlimited 21- day personal training program that Doug was offering. Although they all raved about how amazing they felt after training with Doug, I remained unconvinced. Whenever I thought of having a personal trainer, I pictured some meathead barking in my ear while I’m sweating like a pig during an intense workout. I’m not a fan of being yelled at in any situation, but being yelled at while exercising was likely to result in me kicking the trainer in the throat. After several weeks, I began to notice the physical transformation that my friends/co-workers were experiencing with Doug’s workouts. They all told me they felt strong and light on their feet, and they looked amazing. The noticeable changes in their bodies within such a short time frame convinced me to sign up for Doug’s 21-day program. I figured that if I didn’t like him or his workouts, I’d finish the 21 days and never come back.


I’ve now had the privilege of training with Doug and his team for 9 months and I have never felt or looked better in my life (which is a pretty bold statement to make for someone who is close to being 40 years old). Doug and his team are nothing like what I had previously pictured personal trainers to be. In fact, they are the complete opposite. They are encouraging, supportive, and are committed to helping their clients achieve their fitness goals through innovative workouts that never seem to get easier. Whenever I feel like I’m getting stronger, Doug pushes me to work harder and I continue to see and feel great results every day.

As long as Doug and his team are in business, I will continue training with them and will never go anywhere else. My only regret is that I didn’t start training with Doug sooner.

- Tracy Gallegos, Age - 39



Alice Corkill from J & D FITNESS



I was stuck & my workout routine had stopped working for me and I was frustrated. I didn’t know how to create a workout that would hep me achieve my goals. That’s exactly what I told Doug when I contacted him about the Torch workout program. Doug promised me that he could “ unstick “ me. I gave Doug and the team J & D Fitness three months to prove it & they have! I’ve lost inches and gained strength. I’ve gained what I think of as practical strength & I can lift 40 pound bags of dog food; I can carry 5 gallon water jugs; and I can easily lift my aging 45 pound dog in the and out of the car. On top of it all, I actually look forward to my workouts at J&D. All of the trainers are supportive and encouraging and continually challenge me to work harder… and I do! I plan to continue working out with the J&D team to see what the next three months will bring. Stay tuned!

- Alice Corkill, Age - 56



Melissa Coleman from J & D FITNESS



On November 1st of 2015 I scheduled a consultation with Doug to discuss personal training, as I had that week with several other prominent trainers in town. I spent almost an hour with Doug on that first visit discussing everything from my health history and fitness goals to my desire to find a sense of community in this new town, as I had recently moved to Vegas from Dayton, Ohio. I was impressed at how professional Doug was and how he asked me questions, rather than just trying to sell me on his program. After a full movement screening and a comfortable and fun conversation, I decided that this was the trainer and program for me. I jumped right in.


Flash forward exactly 2 ½ years and not only have I completely changed my body, but I also have met some wonderful new people. I train with Doug at the studio at least three, but usually four times per week and have found that his style of training with kettlebells, TRX, and sandbags have allowed me to see the results I have been trying for years to accomplish at the gym. Like many women, I spent most of my time doing cardio and never spent much time strength training. What a wake-up call…that clearly wasn’t working! Now I rarely do any cardio outside of our HIIT workouts and have lost 7% body fat, 24 lbs, and 3 dress sizes in just 6 months. More importantly, I feel strong, confident and better able to manage my fast-paced job and family life.


Thank you, Doug, for providing a challenging workout in an encouraging and fun environment!

- Melissa Coleman, Age - 47



Heidi Stewart from J & D FITNESS



I never truly enjoyed working out before joining the studio. It always felt very overwhelming to me. My husband introduced to me to Doug and I instantly felt very comfortable. The more we discussed my goals in our Success session, the more I came to understand they were obtainable. I’ve been a member for 3 years now, and I’ve never felt or looked better. I’ve lost weight & inches and have become so much stronger. At first, I was looking for a “quick fix”, but now working out at the studio is part of my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

-Heidi Stewart, 36yrs old



Hedi Molitor Tripp from J & D FITNESS



After a tough year of job loss and moving from Connecticut to Las Vegas, I neglected exercise for four months. I wanted to be healthy and fit. I kept seeing J & D Fitness numerous times a week driving by to run errands. One day it clicked! I stopped and walked in to be greeted by Doug Sheppard. We made an appointment for an assessment, I signed up, and now come in three to five days a week. I feel fantastic having lost 15 pounds, many inches, as ell as body fat. The small group workouts are tough yet fun. Doug and his trainers are true professionals helping all participants reach their goals. I’ll keep coming back until I reach my goals and then just continue on. Keep it up J & D Fitness! I will!

- Hedi Molitor Tripp, Age - 63



Dennis Vang from J & D FITNESS



I joined J & D Fitness just over a year ago. I was looking to get out of a gym where I was just lifting dumbbells, barbells and using machines. I wanted to build strength, but also move better. One of my favorite things about the studio is knowing I'm going to get a well-rounded, quality workout every time I go in. I have seen the most improvement in my mobility. I can definitely feel the difference compared to when I first came in. About a year ago, I struggled with lower back pain. After continuing to show up twice a week to the studio, I no longer have back pain. I thoroughly enjoy my workouts and I would 100% refer a friend to the studio.

-Dennis Vang, 49 yrs. old



Staci White from J & D FITNESS



I’ve been a member since the studio opened 2 ½ years ago and I am so happy to be a member. I was interested in increasing my strength and get into better overall shape. I have lower back pain and through the years Doug and his team of trainers have accommodated my workouts to better fit my comfort level. I have seen a major decrease in the pain.


I love the small group format of semi-private training. Doug and his trainers have the ability to correct my form in the smaller group better than a big gym in an over packed class where I would receive hardly any attention. It is a very safe feeling knowing you have their attention and they are right there to help. I never do the same workout and I find the variety refreshing. I have lost weight, gained strength, and my posture has improved. Doug is my hero for relieving my back pain. I would absolutely encourage anyone to come into J and D Fitness and give yourself the chance to let them help you accomplish your goals. They have helped me reach mine.

- Staci White, Age 47yrs. old



Thomas Huddleston from J & D FITNESS



My name is Thomas Huddleston. I am very busy with a high stress career, so I always found it very difficult to find time or motivation to work out. I tried just about everything and just couldn’t stick with it until I found Doug!


Doug and all of his trainers are truly passionate about what they do. They personalize each workout to push you to be your best and never stop encouraging or motivating you. For example, Doug and I often joke about heavy metal music or my desire to be a super hero while working out. It definitely helps motivate me when I come in with heavy metal music playing, I know it’s game time! Doug is truly passionate about what he does and is constantly looking to improve himself/his trainers. He goes for continuing education to up to date in his field and has even stated doing lectures at conventions/events. to me, this is the hallmark of a man committed to his career and not just trying to make a buck.


I believe in Doug’s system and his group of trainers so much that I have gotten my twin brother to join up as well, which only motivates me to work harder. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely still sign up to be a part of Doug’s team!

-Thomas Huddleston, Age - 32



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